The Job Hunt Continues

So, truth be told, I understand that most businesses don’t want to hire someone for only two months over the summer. However, why on earth do these people make themselves sound so desperate for some kind of employee, and then when I fit the description they want, they tell me, “Well, we’re looking for permanent employees.” Ok, well then why didn’t you just say that from the beginning? I don’t know, if I were a business I would want to have someone to work rather than leaving a position open while looking for a permanent employee. My gosh, if I were willing to relocate during the summer, I could have so many editing jobs! It’s rather unfortunate.

Anyway, needless to say I’ve applied to 28 jobs and have heard back from only 7 of them — those were negative anyway. That’s fine, I can survive the summer without a job, but people will still think I’m not trying anyway. I know it’s hard to believe that McDonald’s isn’t hiring, but it really isn’t. Learn to deal.


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