First Day Speakin’ the Language!

It was so nice to finally have a real Hungarian language class today! It lasted from 10-12:30, and we did all sorts of things — class activities, recitation, all the good stuff. At one point, the teacher just whipped a flute out of the floor and started playing a song, which she later taught us the words to.

So for today, our vocab list looked something like this —
jó, reggel, kívánok, nap, este, ejszaka, viszontlátásra, barát, köszönöm, szívesen, alma, leves, cukor, gyors, álom, dal, író, edzés, betű, gomb, igen, kérem, csillag, hold, dzsem, fal, én, egy.

I had a good time practicing with the principle phrases like, “Jó reggelt kívánok” (I wish you good morning), “viszontlátásra” (see you later), and especially “Hogy mondják magyarul” (how do you say this [English word] in Hungarian?). Those things will be useful on the trams and in the city.

I feel like today was relatively easy compared to what I’m sure we’ll learn in the future. I’m still quite excited to get to learn more Hungarian tomorrow morning! I’ll be posting all of my vocab lists, as well as some of my favorite phrases from the day, each day if I can. That will make things more fun, and serves as good practice. 🙂

The song that Kata taught us on the flute is a “népdal,” or “folk song.” It goes like this —

Tavaszí szél vizet áraszt                       Spring wind makes the water flood,
Virágom, virágom                                  My flower, my flower.
Minden madár társat választ             All the birds choose a mate,
Virágom, virágom                                  My flower, my flower.

Hát én immár kit válasszak                 So now I, who shall I choose?
Virágom, virágom                                  My flower, my flower,
Te engemet, én tégedet                        You [choose] me, and I [choose] you,
Virágom, virágom                                  My flower, my flower!

To listen to the song, go here:


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