A Crash Course in Language — Again

The last day or so hasn’t really been too eventful, although I thoroughly enjoyed my first Hungarian Language and Culture class! The professor is very kind, if a bit timid, and there are only three other students besides me. The class is actually trilingual between English, German, and Hungarian — good thing I can speak German too!

Anyway, this morning we went to Karoli instead of having our usual culture class in order to hear Professor Fabiny speak on Hungarian political and religious history. Needless to say, we covered more than a thousand years in about an hour. My brain exploded. But I know a lot more about history now than I did when we started.

After that, Kelly, Audrey, and I went with my Hungarian friends Vera Oláh and Ötvös Kata to Copy Guru to print off some stuff that I needed to print, then Vera showed us a great, really cheap, family-owned soup shop. I got Turkish chicken soup, which tasted nothing like normal chicken soup but was nonetheless quite good. It actually had very little chicken in it — it was more tomato based, with onions, large carrots, some grapes (yeah really), a dollop of sour cream, and some fantastically delicious croutons (then again, you probably already know of my undying love for croutons anyway). 

I’ve just been working away in the dorms since then doing various homework that’s not actually due any time soon. When I get bored, I practice my Italian. Just the basic stuff — calling for the police, asking for the check, asking for directions, etc. I wish I had more time and more opportunities to actually learn Italian — I’ve always had a very good grasp of it, but I’ve never had formal teaching. I suppose it’s the same as Norwegian — I love it, I understand it, but I’ve never been taught and am not confident speaking it. You ask me to read it? No problem, I’ll translate for ya too.

So, can I learn everything that I need to learn about Italian in about an hour? Well, yes and no. Can I learn the survival phrases? Of course. That takes less than an hour if I put my mind to it. Can I do the language justice in that time? Of course not. Which is rather unfortunate. Someone, would you give me a chance to learn Italian at some point, please? 

So anyway, that’s really all this blog post has in store. Sorry. But stay tuned — there should be an exceedingly exciting (and long) blog post on Friday night! Till then, arrivederci! Or, as the Norwegians say, farvel!


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