SUGAR! Literally.

With nothing better to consume my time at this moment, I figured I’d just blog about a few random things. First of all, I’d like to say that getting a resident visa here in Hungary is considerably more frustrating than I thought it would be — hopefully, with a new stack of papers, they’ll actually let me get one tomorrow morning. But we won’t go into the five times I’ve been to that office and accomplished nothing. Nah.

Anyway, I decided that I really wanted to share a cool little place in Budapest that I found. Seriously, it’s pretty sweet. Pun intended.

It’s called SUGAR!, and it’s by far the most interesting candy shop I’ve ever been inside. All photographs courtesy of the SUGAR! website, which I strongly suggest that you check out. At the top right corner of the page is an option for viewing the site in English.

This place doesn’t joke around. The urinals are shaped like JawBreakers, man! Lollipops the size of your head, an entire wall of color-coordinated Jelly Belly jelly beans, and bin after bin of other delightful goodies put my brain into overdrive the moment I stepped into the store.



With unique desserts and specially made confections, it’s no wonder that Christina Aguilera ordered her cakes from SUGAR! when she was in Budapest!


Despite the seemingly pricey side of everything here, I found that it wasn’t too unbearable. Can’t say I’ll be going there  every week, but I was able to get a small bag of gumicukor, kind of like Twizzlers, for around $1. The jelly beans were too expensive, unfortunately, but there are other things I can get there, so I’ll be back at some point to try some other new stuff!

Anyway, I highly encourage you to go to the website just to look at all the awesome stuff. Seriously, do it. It’s great.


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