Piles of Hairless Maggots? Hungarian Tongue Twisters!

For our final day of Hungarian language class today, our professor, Laszlo, decided to teach us some Hungarian tongue twisters. What better way to make people feel like they’ve learned the language than to teach them phrases that even the Hungarians can’t say right! 😉 I wanted to share them with you, though, because they were a lot of fun.

The first we learned translates as “What is the little furrier [a person who skins animals] cooking? The little furrier is cooking salt meat.”

Mit sütsz kis szűcs?
Sós húst sütsz kis szűcs.

It’s a lot harder when you actually know how to pronounce Hungarian than when you just read it, so some of the fun is lost on readers who have no idea of Hungarian phonetics. That’s okay though. 🙂 Let’s put it this way:

s = sh
sz = s
cs = ch
c = ts

All of those get mixed up very easily!

Next, we did one that I (for some strange reason) found easier, even though it was the one that even our professor messed up on! It translates as “Two piles of hairless maggots plus two piles of hairless maggots equals four piles of hairless maggots.”

Két kupac kopasz kukac
meg két kupac kopasz kukac
az negy kupac kopasz kukac.

Lots of fun! Now only the final exams and the presentation are left for this class, and I’ll be comparing and contrasting Hungarian and American theater for my presentation. Look back to these two links for more info on my theater experiences in Hungary: (https://bythepathlesstraveled.wordpress.com/2012/11/25/a-dzsungel-konyve-the-jungle-book/) and (https://bythepathlesstraveled.wordpress.com/2012/09/20/2000-synchronized-clapping-hungarians/).


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