Reflections on Yesterday’s Housing Post

Pretty much from the moment I published it, yesterday’s post about the housing situation in which I reproduced the emails that I have sent and received concerning my academic accommodations has been quite controversial. I’d like to take a moment to address this, because I know that many of my readers are a little unsettled by that post.

Firstly, please don’t misunderstand. I did not publish that in order to point fingers. That was not my intent or goal. I did not post about this issue in some kind of “justice march” or something in which I wave my rights around and say that I feel like I’ve been infringed upon. That is not the case — there was a complicated misunderstanding and misrepresentation of information, and it took the whole semester to fix. I did not write about all that just to say, “Oh my gosh, look at how unfair/difficult/whatever the Disabilities Office is!”

If that’s what you got out of that post, I’m very sorry. As I mentioned in the introduction to that long entry yesterday, I have received very valuable, very constant help from both the Disabilities Office and from Housing. My intent was not at all to try to show them as incompetent or uncaring, because that is certainly not the case.

Secondly, I do believe that honesty is the best policy. If I were a student (especially one with a disability) who may consider going abroad, I would certainly want to know that something like this happened, even though the likelihood of it occurring again is very small. I wanted to honestly represent what happened, because I know that there are Calvin students and faculty with connections to these offices who read this blog on a regular basis. If you are still hanging on to the fact that I did this as some kind of spiteful antic, you’re very wrong.

Third, I greatly dislike the word called “thirdly,” even if it is consistent at this point. 😉

So third, I will not take yesterday’s post down. I spent more than two months of my semester contemplating and reflecting on whether that post should be published. In the end, this is a blog that originated as a source for all the information on my semester abroad (the fact that it will be continued once I get back to campus is irrelevant). Without a doubt, any Calvin student here in Hungary with me can tell you that this issue with my eventual on-campus housing has been a topic that has framed my entire semester with its persistence and difficulty. It has been with me from before I got here until the final few weeks of my stay. In a blog created with the explicit intention of dealing with the specifics of my time abroad, how can such a huge, “framework issue” not be addressed? It has shaped me, whether in some small way or in a larger one.

So no, I will not remove that post.

These are my wholehearted opinions. To any I have offended with my honesty and the openness of yesterday’s post, I apologize. If you have greater concerns or problems with that post, please approach me directly and I would be happy to discuss it.

Thank you to my loyal readers for your opinions!


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