Looking Ahead — New Blogs, New Classes, New Style

With spring semester just around the corner — starting tomorrow, actually — I figured that now would be the best time to finally unveil all of my plans for this blog and for keeping my friends, family, and dedicated readers updated on my mind-blowing daily life.

First of all, I just want to let you guys all know what my classes for the spring semester will be. I have a gym class called Core Strength and Balance Training, and then I mostly just have a lot of core courses. There’s Real Number Systems and Methodology, then a Doctrine of God class, followed by Fundamental Questions in Philosophy, for which the professor was kind enough to contract me for honors. The two classes that count toward my majors this semester are Major Authors: Milton (also for honors), with dear ol’ Professor Urban (whom I’ve had classes with many a time) and Stylistics and Discourse Analysis, which I am totally pumped about. The course description for Stylistics reads: “A course that reviews significant grammatical terms; analyzes how words can be combined into longer constructions in English; examines the kinds of meanings–such as agency, modality, and solidarity–that those constructions can convey; and discusses how patterns of clauses conveying these various kinds of meaning within texts can be related to textual contexts.”

Mmm. Yummy. *drool*

Second, and more important to you readers, are the immense changes that will be happening here at Bythepathlesstraveled. This spring semester will be full of all kinds of unique posts that you haven’t seen from me before, not the least of which includes a weekly update recounting my time as a sailor aboard the Flagship Niagara.

However, more important than that is my announcement of Bythepathlesstraveled’s sister blog, PenguinPoweredPiano. It is still under construction and there are no posts as of 1/27/13, but you can find it here: [http://penguinpoweredpiano.wordpress.com/]. The goal of this sister blog is to diversify my posts to include much more of my daily life and hobbies without cluttering up the travel blog. Neat and organized — that’s my policy.

I anticipate Bythepathlesstraveled continuing through the spring semester and through my interim in Japan, so don’t panic. After that, however, will be a great migration to a new domain. Poor WordPress just can’t contain all of my awesomeness, so this blog will be left behind to establish a new one. Once again, though, don’t panic. I am working very hard to ensure that my name, Bythepathlesstraveled, comes with me during the migration.

So what does that mean? For me, it means a lot of work. For you readers, it means virtually nothing, thankfully. 🙂 This blog, full of all of my European (and eventually Asian) travels, will still be available and consistently indexed, so fear not! But when it comes time to change, this current blog may receive a name change so that Bythepathlesstraveled can follow me to a new address. On your end, readers, nothing will be different. You’ll still receive updates when I post, you can view any of my archived posts at any time, and the notifications will (hopefully) still be from Bythepathlesstraveled.

So, to sum up:

1. Expect a weekly storybook update about the Flagship Niagara, starting soon!

2. Expect a weekly video update from PenguinPoweredPiano, also starting soon!

3. Expect the general randomosity that characterizes my life and spawns unique and random blog posts from time to time.

Bythepathlesstraveled (still!), signing out!


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