The Flagship Niagara Diaries Part 8: Toronto Vlog Edition

I take a long, deep breath, enjoying the warm, fresh air drifting down to me through the hatch. I haven’t been here too awful long, but a day off sure sounds nice.

Guess I’d better get started if I want to make the most of it!

I hop off of the ship and sit down on a bench, waiting for two others who also have the day off. One of them is Emily, though I don’t know her very well yet. The other, Megan, is the one I more fondly recall as “pink-shirt girl” from my first day on the ship. It has taken me a few days of pondering her face, but I finally remember — she and I went to Australia and New Zealand together about six years ago.

As we head off toward the rest of the ships, I giant yellow, err, thing catches my eye. Megan and Emily continue talking, but I stray off a bit to see what exactly this yellow, lemon-shaped thing is. I stand and stare at it. It is a lemon. An 8-foot-tall lemon.

I’ve been awake for 30 minutes and I’m already seeing giant lemons. Maybe I should just go back to bed.

Just as I’m getting ready to turn away and catch up with Megan and Emily, a small crack appears in the lemon, and it opens to reveal a skinny teenage boy.

What the heck….

Thankfully, soon enough the word lemonade appears inside and I feel like I’m not so insane after all. I’ve just never seen a lemonade stand that opens and closes with a person in it!


Luckily for us, being crewmembers on the ship earns us a free lemonade before we strike out into the heart of Toronto. It’s not long before we run across one of those human statues, and she is one of the best I’ve seen as far as being able to be completely still.


Around her are fish-shaped imprints in the pavement, which I find to be…interesting.


Eaton Center consumes a lot of our time, and I can’t say I’ve ever been in a mall this large!


Most of our day is spent walking around and visiting little shops and trade fairs near the ships, and after all of that we go to visit the ships themselves. I become acquainted with a few more captains and fellow sailors before I decide to return to the ship and spend the rest of my day reclining on deck. It’s back to work tomorrow.

As I lean back on a black and red deck box, listening to the now-familiar slurping and chugging of the water between the ship and the dock, I feel like I rather enjoy the boat more than the city. In the mall, while Emily and Megan tried on clothes, I stood rocking back and forth (with curious stares from others!), unable to find my “land legs” again. I can’t say that I belong in a life at sea or anything like that, but it’s nice to be back to the smells, sights, and sounds of Niagara.

Fellow crewmember Fern slides onto a deck box across from me and pulls a violin from its case. From across the deck, I can see a few crewmembers starting to congregate toward her. Music onboard — the perfect way to end the day.

[Click on the pictures to hear Fern play her violin!]

First comes Miss MacPherson’s Favorite:


Then, Fern settles on a slower sea-ditty:



Quotes from this day’s ship log:

“When we came back, Fern started playing her violin and accordion.”



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