The Flagship Niagara Diaries Part 11: It Begins

Seriously, having days off is awesome.

I meander through the sea of Clevelanders, pausing only to quickly ask a passing man for the time. I don’t want to be late. Captain is waiting for me.

Captain Deckelmann, that is.

I’m hard pressed to think of a kinder man than Captain Wes, but on a day like today, I’ve just got to get out and expand my horizons, even if it’s only for a little while. So, I’m off to a new ship for a new crewing experience. Don’t worry, Niagara, I’ll be back.

I hear the familiar sloshing of dock water as I approach the pier, though I see her from a mile away, her blood-red sails tearing into the sky like phoenix wings. Smaller than Niagara but possibly more intimidating, she’s a schooner with an attitude.

She’s the Roseway.

I hop aboard and cast a quick glance up the sail as it unfurls and we head out into the harbor.


The rolling of the waves and the gentle swaying of the deck calms me, and I chat with an older lady next to me who’s so engrossed with being on a ship that her eyes are about as big as saucers. When the captain shouts orders, I obey even though I’m not permanently part of the crew. It’s no fun otherwise!

The day passes speedily like this, and before I know it I’m back on Niagara with only flashes of a good day in my mind — something about a wonderful elderly lady named Anne and giving a little girl my french fries. As I take one step onto the bridge toward the deck, I see a cluster of my fellow crewmembers, Bravo watch I think, walking toward me.

“What’s up, guys?” I ask, obviously disrupting whatever important conversation they were having.

“Paulie’s in the hospital,” Emily mumbles. “So are Jesse and Neil.”

I tense. “What happened while I was gone?”

Emily shakes her head. “We don’t know. They just collapsed.”


Quotes from this day’s ship log:

“When I returned to Niagara at 18:15, I discovered that Paul, Neil, and Jesse had all been taken to the hospital…I don’t know how the three of them are doing.”


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