Automatic Updates from New Blog

Hey, everyone! I’ve got some great news–I’ve finally figured out a way to give you guys access automatically to all of the posts showing up on the new Bythepathlesstraveled blog!

I know that it’s a pain to head on over there for new posts. But now, fear not! This is how it works:

Hexa 2

So click on the cog and you’ll see the five most recent posts from the new bythepathlesstraveled blog. Woohoo! In the cog there’s also the option to subscribe, and you can also view the archives if you don’t feel like scrolling all the way down. The magnifying glass is a search bar too, so feel free to search for a post if you are looking for something specific. 

I’m trying to make things a lot easier for you guys if I can, so if you have any suggestions, PLEASE let me know.


So basically, I’m going to attempt to shortlink to some of my major post categories. Once you’re at the first post, you can use the navigation arrows on the vertical red bar to the left of the page to keep reading through chronologically. (Don’t worry, the arrows will be there!) 😀

To check out my China Series, click here:


To check out my Europe/Hungary Series, click here:

Hungary 2

To check out my Flagship Niagara Series, click here:


To check out my Things You Thought You Knew Series, click here:


To check out my Japan Series, click here:


What To Expect in the Next Few Weeks

Hello, all! I wanted to shoot out a quick post about what you can expect from this blog now that this semester’s blog series is over. 

First of all, if you haven’t seen my finale video from my other blog, PenguinPoweredPiano, PLEASE check it out. It took me months to record and edit. It is my recreation of ThePianoGuys’ “Five Guys One Piano — What Makes You Beautiful.” Five guys playing one piano. Like, playing the strings on the piano…and the keys…and the lid…and everything. It’s pretty awesome. You can find my version HERE, and the link to the original is there as well.

Next, the itinerary. Dec. 10 – January 7 will be pretty much a dead zone around here, as I’ll be taking a break and getting some final preparations done. However, starting January 8, the fun will (probably) start up again — big time! From January 8 – January 27, I’ll be in China studying traditional Chinese medicine and immersing myself in the language and culture, as I am so prone to do whenever I get the chance. 

The positive? China. The negative? May not have internet access. So hypothetically things get exciting in January. For you guys? Maybe, maybe not. Depends on if I can actually upload anything. But if I can’t (which I anticipate), don’t fear. In that case, the China series will become my spring semester blog series (mixed in with some other cool stuffs, of course).

So yeah, stick around and see what happens. After China (and now that my thesis is done, woohoo!), I’ll be chilling around in spring semester doing some fun things, then it’s off to Japan (again)! And that, my friends…THAT will be a long blog series. I’ll be there for 4 months.

Anyway, enjoy your day, have a good Christmas, solstice, Kwanzaa, New Year (oriental or western), or whatever holiday you so choose to celebrate.

Here’s a picture of a confused penguin.


See ya!